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The Week That Was: Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Well, a pretty good week in China. On Sunday, I went to the church with one of my "regulars" and we were joined by another former student who went once with me last year. We settled in and joined in the song practice. Somehow, we had missed the daily reading-probably due to the fact that we caught a later bus due to what I thought would be a time change in the service.

However, even with the time change we may still have to catch the 7:00 a.m. bus because I would like for us to be there for the entire service. I like the reading through the scripture and I also think it is important for the friends I bring to be exposed to that as well. Remember, God's word will not return empty to him:

So, whether it is from the preaching, or just reading, God's word is going out for His purposes. Pray for this, as for college students, 7:00 a.m. is rather early, especially when you consider they are arising for something that is not required of them. 

As I wrote last week, I hope to begin a small group study and made a connection with a fellow named Aaron. He arrived a little later in the service and we met him outside afterward. We then decided that we would all go back to the campus so that I could show him where I lived and then have lunch at one of the small restaurants across from the campus. I had actually hoped to have lunch at a restaurant around the corner from the church, but it was not open.  I had stopped to get some xiao bing (small bread) last week and met a little boy and his father who owned the restaurant next door and told them I would come back and eat at his place...maybe next week. 

Anyway, we again stopped at the place to pick up the bread on the way back to the bus stop. Aaron's English is really good.  So good, that my two friends did not believe he was really Chinese. They told him maybe he was from Korea, or ABC ( American Born Chinese-ha ha, I tell my students I am ABC-American Born Caucasian). He he, so he finally proved it by showing them his Chinese I.D. They were pretty impressed with his language skills as it is their desire to improve their English as well. 


 Aaron has hung out with quite a few Americans in X'ian where he went to school. He came to Zhangjiagang to work and because his girlfriend lives here. I will get to meet her next week. Mmm.. how to describe Aaron...maybe you could call him a hip-hop sort of fellow. That is kind of his self description as he says that he has learned and can teach hip-hop dancing as well as break dancing. He has a little bling in both ears. He is a very energetic and animated fellow who likes to talk with foreigners and he is also very passionate and is eager to talk with others about God and Jesus. He has been a believer for about 5 years now and wants to keep going deeper in the word. He also plays guitar and says he knows some worship songs, so maybe we can use his talent at the study to lead some praise and worship before we begin.

Aaron wearing the pumpkin sunglasses I bought for Halloween

 Ok, we had lunch and during the lunch I asked him about his testimony and he talked about how he had become a  believer at 17 but did not really start getting "discipled" until about 3 years ago. And some of the things he translated into Chinese because some of our "churchy" stuff  is not clearly understood in English. We talked about the fact that God is not strictly a God of "rules" but more about a relationship, a relationship that must include, at some point, acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God and the only way to have eternal life. John 14: 16   翰 福 音 14:6


Anyway, after talking and deciding on times that was best for everyone, we decided to begin the studies this week after church. So, I ask you to be in prayer for our study. Prayer has already brought forth fruit in that the studies will actually begin and that new connections have been made. Pray now for new relationships with Jesus to begin. 

Yes, I wore this to class!

So, Monday was Halloween, I bought miniature snickers and handed them out to my students if they said the phrase that pays: "Trick or Treat" I did this dressed up in a kid's pirate hate and eye patch I found at the local supermarket.  I did not get any pictures, so here is a reenactment photo:

And This!
Two of my students investigating the commotion

 I also repeated this for the kids who had my class on Tuesday so that everyone would get the chance for a Malone experience. One of my students gave me a scream mask on Monday. He he, I had to take the opportunity to get the Chinese students hearts a pumping. So, when it got dark I put on the mask and wore a hoodie and began to wander the campus.  Because most students were not paying any attention to just another "figure" walking to the classrooms, most times I just simply had to walk up to a student and say "hello" and they would jump and scream. I did this for about two  hours and maybe caused a commotion around campus because a security guard came to check it out. When I lifted my mask, he recognized me, laughed and went on his way. Ha ha, even a few of my students who had been in their dorm had heard about the strange goings on and came out to have a look, and of course to have a picture with their crazy teacher


Well, that was the week that was. In the coming week, I will begin teaching a new group of students the second half of their management course as part of a split teaching assignment. I will have two additional classes and they both have about 70 students in each one. Please be in prayer for me to be engaging in what will be mostly a "lecture" type environment. I have actually met a few of the students.Pray that I will find proactive ways to develop relationships with my students and that they will have the opportunity to see Christ in all that I do. I also pray and ask you to pray for those that Christ is drawing to Himself through our service here. May many relationships with Him be formed-regardless of whether or not we are allowed to see it or not. 


Have you ever wondered what nearly 400 Atomic Fireballs gathered in one place looked like? I didn't think so, but I am going to show you anyway. You may ask, (or not) " What in the world are you going to do with all of those Atomic Fireballs?" Well, if you are curious, you will have to check back sometime in the next week to find out.  It involves my students. Well, that is all I will say for now. 

A bigger question you may have is this, "How can I have eternal life?" Well, I am glad you asked! As stated earlier in the blog, there is only one way, and that is through Christ Jesus! John 14: 16    翰 福 音 14:6

You may say, "Yeah, but how do you get there?" Great question, there is a road you can follow and here is that ROAD  

Simply put, it means humbling yourself and admitting you are a sinner, a sinner who is powerless to save your self. Recognizing that God has provided a way to save you through His Son Jesus, who died on the cross so that "whoever shall believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life." Then, simply ask Jesus to forgive you of your sin and save you from eternal condemnation. Then, commit to following Him through His word. There is no "work" you can do to save yourself, and you will be given no indisputable "worldly proof",  but the Holy Spirit will testify  that God is real, and that your faith in Christ is what gives you assurance of eternal life. You can ask someone to help you pray this, or just simply pray on your own. 
Until the next time...

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