Monday, February 6, 2012

Thnigs I did not use to know...

Things I did not know, feel, think, or do before living in China:
  • Diligently carry an umbrella at the slightest hint of rain
  • Consider drinking hot water to satisfy my thirst
  • Did not know that ice is not readily available everywhere.
  • Regularly take a taxi or bus to traverse a city
  • Use a bicycle as a regular method of transportation. (At least, not since I was a kid)
  • Travel by train or bus from one city to another
  • Wear a hat, coat, and sometimes gloves-indoors...while teaching, or just sitting around the house.
  • That rice, vegetables, and noodles would be considered breakfast.
  • Bargain with a street vendor for some item I wanted to buy. 
  • Did not know that milk does not taste the same in every part of the world. 
  • Did not know I would need to have tourist visa before I could board my flight to Australia from China
  • Other than a 3 hour trip to Canada in the mid 90's, travel to a foreign country. Now, I have been to 3: China, Thailand, and Australia
  • Consider a city of 2.5 million people to be a "small city"!
  • Consider God to be a "western" God.
  • That many of the songs in the Chinese hymnal are the same ones we sing back home.
  • That it could be tricky to maneuver through cultural differences.
  • That cultural differences could be such a fine teacher. 
  • That I could survive 5 years in a foreign country.

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