Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Visit a Doctor in The Peoples Republic of China Pt. 2, And A Few Tidbits

A an update and a couple of interesting tidbits.

First, I went to schedule my second test today. Looks like it will be an MRI. Same process, arrive at the hospital and and wait for the registration window to open to register and make a small payment of 9.8 yuan ($1.55 U.S.,not really sure what the payment was for), then over to the doctor's office. Again, we just walk right in despite another patient receiving a consultation. Different doc this time, but he takes my book, reads the notes, and then writes up the order for the test. Order slip in hand, off we go to the payment window. The fee is 980 yuan ($155.27 U.S.). Ha ha, the two payments are just different by two decimal points. The only time I could get an appointment is on Sunday the 11th, at 8:00a.m. So, in and out in less than an hour. The process has been pretty smooth so far.  For you guys back in the states, that would be around 8:00p.m. Central time.

Now for the interesting tidbits. As things go, my little sister Molly back in the U.S. has also just been recently diagnosed with the same thing. She says for the time being, she is going to try and managers hers with dietary changes as well. Going to more fruits and veggies, more fiber, tuna, and a little grilled chicken among other things.

So, for the second tidbit, I'll let you decide how much God was involved (I already have my opinion and you guess what it is ha ha!). The other day I went to the grocery store to see if the mozzarella & pepperoni had come in for Ma Long's Pizzeria. The mozzarella made it, but no pepperoni, but that is ok, I still have another package of pepperoni left. Funny thing is the dairy and the red fatty meat is supposed to be a no go for me. Hadn't thought about it, but as I write, comes to mind that could be the God thing too! "} Anyway, I will just have to limit myself to a slice or two and let the students enjoy their creations. I get most of my fun just watching their faces as they make and eat their first personally made pizza.

But, I digress. While in the store, I spotted a small bottle of pomegranate juice. As I am not really supposed to take in a lot of citrus, I thought why not give this a try. I have heard that pomegranate juice is supposed to be really healthy. However, not having my glasses with me, I could read the ingredients, and I did not know if I would like the taste, but decided since it was a small bottle, I would "have a try".  I put it in my basket, went home, put it in the fridge and promptly forgot about it until today. I put on my glasses and read the label. Only 25% juice and a lot of sugar. So, that is no good. I left to go meet Tuo to go make the appointment.

Here is where I believe God was working on this situation long before I had the first symptom. Every year, most cities host a "Christmas Party" for all the foreigner teachers and businessmen and their Chinese counterparts. I really don't like to go to these things because they are not really about Christmas and usually a lot of drinking takes place, and it is a little awkward for me because I no longer drink, and part of the culture is the toast. In Zhenjiang, after the first year, the school official just came to accept that and it did not bother them anymore.

Ha ha, I remember the first dinner I attended with Tami Kirby, my teaching partner at the time. When they came around to pour the bijou (wine) in my glass, and I covered my glass with my hand, you could have heard a pin drop! We explained that we did not have an objection to them having the wine, it was that I just no longer could. There was more awkward silence, and then after a minute or so, they had the rest of the wine taken out of the room, and replaced it with juice and yogurt milk. But, everything went well, and at the next function, they drank, and we did not, but we toasted with our juice and nobody seemed to mind. The drinking culture here is very strong. Ha, but I digress again!

So, after we made our appointment, Tuo went back to the school, and I went to another grocery store to find green and yellow peppers. While there, I also decided to see if I could find some organic, or 100% juices, and maybe pick up some more fruit. Then it dawned upon me, at the Christmas party, I won pretty nice juicer as a door prize. I had even tried to give it away as I thought I really did not have the counter space for it, and being somewhat lazy, did not relish the thought of cleaning it after I was done. ( I had not even opened the box to look at it yet) So, I bought a few more bananas, some strawberries, and some nice looking carrots and went home.

I opened the box and had a look, and it is really not all that big. I could probably figure it out for myself, but I decided I would wait until tomorrow and try it out for the first time with my students. I think they will enjoy that as much as the pizza. So, whatcha think, did God have His hand in that or what?

I will update you further next week after the test. So, until the next time, keep me and my students in your prayers. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well, it is now Sunday evening here in China. I went to have the MRI this morning at the #1 Peoples Hospital of Zhangjiagang. Because I had scheduled it and paid for it last week, all I had to do was go to the Radiology department and wait my turn.

    As it was, I was first. I've had a Cat Scan before, and the MRI machine looks quite similar so, I thought, no big deal, right? Ha ha, as I lay there strapped to the gurney and the tech begins to send the gurney upward, and into the tube, I became a little claustrophobic, and almost told them to stop and let me out. But, I decided I was not going to embarrass myself like that (ha ha, I'll just do that here in the blog), and just began to pray asking God to relieve my anxiety. He did!

    Once they got everything ready, the noises were also a bit loud and nerve wracking, but again, I just called upon the Lord, and it was soon over. I won't know the results until Monday or Tuesday when I can get back to pick up the report and consult with the doctor. I will update again as soon as I hear something. In the meantime, I just ask that you continue to pray for me. More than anything, you can pray Romans 8:28 to be the underpinning of all of this experience:
    28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Thank you, God bless, and until the next time...


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