Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medical Update: PET Scan Complete, Still Waiting for Interpretation

It was a long day in Shanghai. Got there around 11 after the two hour drive. The check in process was smooth. Then I had to drink 4-5 300ml cups of water. The test only took 10 minutes. It was a PET/CT scan combination.  I paid extra for an English Translation, but at first they told me it would be Monday, but said the Chinese result/translation would be available at 6 p.m. Then they said the English translation would also be ready at 6. So, we went and had dinner and came back. But the English translation was not ready and won't be ready until Monday. The Chinese translation was too technical for  Mr. Yang to interpret, and there were no doctors there.

So, at church today, I saw Pamfort, the Chinese doctor who comes to the Thursday bible study. I don't know why, but I was not expecting to see him there. He told me my eyes looked jaundiced, and then he called Dr. Sheng and found out he will be working tonight. I have made arrangements to go see him with my report. Dr.Sheng is the cardiac doctor. He is working Sunday night! He told me it would be his pleasure to see me. God is so good.

So, tonight I will go see Dr. Sheng and hopefully, he can let me know. I assume there is a diagnosis in the report summary. As always, your prayers are coveted. I have been beset by various maladies from itchy skin to heartburn that has prevented me from getting a good nights rest. So, I am rather worn down, exhausted would be more precise. I have washed all my bed coverings to day in case there were bed bugs, but even when I stayed in the Hotel in Zhenjiang on Friday evening, the itchy skin was terrible, and I did not pack my antacid. Last night was better, but I need a good uninterrupted rest. Pleas pray that for me. Thank you again for support, your love, and your prayers.

Just a short note about church today. No one was available to come, but I went anyway. I am glad I did. The Chinese Church generally has baptisms twice a year for new members, and Easter Sunday is one of those times. I lost count, but there were about 30 new members admitted today. Then for the Lord's supper, the side I was sitting on did not receive any of the bread and when the Pastor asked if there were any who had not received the bread, all of our hands went up. She looked a little worried, but then collected some of the plates to distribute. I watched as some to there bread and broke in two to share with others. Ha ha, after we all received some, she held up the plate and there was bread to spare. The spirit of Jesus must have been breaking that bread!

So, as many of  you all awaken to see this message, I pray that you will give thanks to God and have the opportunity to honor Him with your presence in His house today.
Until the next time...He is Risen!

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