Monday, April 9, 2012

Medical Update: The Rose Garden Has Some Weeds That Need Pulling

Ok, I have had my interpretation, and it is not the rosiest picture ever painted but, God is control and I will trust in Him. I saw Dr. Sheng last night, and as suspected, they believe that they are seeing some cancer but, they are not sure what type of cancer it is. I told him about my itchy skin, heartburn, and the discomfort I've been having in my upper abdomen area. Also, I told him Pamfort had told me at church that my eyes looked jaundiced.

So, he took me to an examining room and after a few pokes and a look at my eyes, combined with what he saw in the scan, he thinks there is also a problem with my liver. He asked me to come back this morning for some blood tests. They are going to do some various cancer screens, one for the recurrence of my previous cancer, and to look for another type of cancer ( don't know what type). In addition they are doing some bile test for the liver. He says, that depending on that test, he may want to admit me to the hospital for treatment-antibiotics. I suppose there is some sort of infection that is causing swelling. He tells me that ther is an outside obstruction of the common bile duct, and that needs to be treated to keep from getting worse. He has also suggest that I return home as soon as possible and has written as such in my medical records. I will return to the hospital shortly to get the results of the blood tests. I do suspect that he will want to admit me for the liver problem

Dr. Sheng has been a blessing from God, in that He has been able to communicate with me in English. Not only that, he seems to genuinely care about his patients. Last night, he met me in his office to read the PET Scan report, and today when I arrived, He was looking at a copy of the previous CT report, and that is where he noticed the outer obstruction and, along with my symptoms decided to do the additional liver test. He walked me to the registration window and gave the clerk the order slip. Ha ha, he even paid for the test (600rmb =$94 USD) because I did not bring enough money.  Of course I will pay him back this afternoon. But, he did not hesitate to pull out his wallet and pay. He then walked me right to the where the lab techs write their reports and one of them immediately took me to another office and drew my blood.

As we were walking out, he told me that this must be a difficult time. I told him yes it is, but that I believe in God, and trust Him no matter what happens as He has a purpose for everything. I also told him how that we believe that it was God who had put him in my path to help me and that his help has been a blessing to me.

The rose garden has some weeds that need pulling. But, the picture is coming to a clearer focus. After I get the results of the blood test, hopefully, we can know the specific type of cancer. From there, I have some decisions to make. They mostly concern as to where I should return to in the U.S. My first inclination is to Tennessee, where my home and church family has been for the last 12 years. Vanderbilt is a teaching hospital that has many good cancer specialist. Another option involves two places in Virgina. One is in my boyhood hometown of Norfolk, (actually, I would stay with my sister in Chesapeake) and go to the hospitals there where I battled cancer the first time. The other is that my brother has suggested that I could come to Charlottesville where he and his wife Judy live. They are near the UVA hospital.

However, I think my biggest challenge is insurance. I don't have any in the U.S. I have talked to my sister Pat and she has told me that I can go online and start filling out the paper work for Social Security disability. So, I will begin to do that in the next day or so. I will keep you posted as regularly as possible.

I love and miss you all so much. Your words of encouragement and prayer have helped me feel less lonely in this difficult time. As I close, the words to a song that our youth band One Way sings comes to mind: Mighty Mighty Mighty, Mighty  is our God. Holy Holy Holy, Holy is our God. Let us remember that as we pray for each other. Thanks for reading. Until the next time...

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