Friday, August 26, 2011


Hmm...boy will these titles be orignal-the day's posting date. Ha ha.

Well, returned on August 24th. The flight was good. Smooth and relatively few problems. Tis good to be back in China and I am looking forward to a new year with some returning students and some new students.

For those of you new to my new blog, I am a business instructor for Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. While living and working in China, I hope to be a vessel through which the light of Christ shines.

I attend the local church, formerly called the 3 Self Patriotic Movement Church, which is the legal church in China.

I know, you have heard that these churches are solely a tool of the government, maybe some are, but I am here to tell you that in my experience here in Zhangjiagang, Zhenjiang, Wuxi, and in Shanghai, I can tell you that the gospel is being preached, the Word is being taught, and that Chinese people are coming into a heavenly citizenship in the only way possible: Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. John 14:6

I have chosen to attend these churches as it is the best way for me to invite students to learn about God if they choose to do so.

Most of these posts will be, like everyday life, rather ordinary. They will be about my teaching and living experience here in China. After 4 years, not everyday is exciting, but everyday is a gift from God, and I hope to share with you what God is doing in China, Chinese culture, and the lifestyle of everyday Chinese people-who we really have more in common with than we do difference.

So, today, I will go with a student to retrieve my kitty from the veterinarian's office. She was sort of a rescue kitty. She was apparently attacked by a dog and her back was torn up pretty badly. She recovered enough to hang out across from the school cafeteria to beg food from the students. I started to come by and feed her daily.

During the last year's Spring Festival, I left her at the vet's office to see if we could get her back healed up. After returning from my vacation in Hainan, there was nobody at the school. So, I just brought her home with me.

However, her back never healed all the way so I decided to leaver her at the vets office again while I returned stateside for the the summer. I am hoping that after about 45 days her wound has healed enough that it won't bleed if she scratches the spot. I call her 美女, or Měinǚ, which I sometimes see written in pinyin as Mei Nv. That is her picture at the top of the post. Ha ha, I used an ace bandage and duct tape in my attempts to keep her wound covered and prevent her from scratching. She did not like that and always found a way to tear it off while I was sleeping or at school teaching.

Well That is it for today. Until the next time...

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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