Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Week Thus Far 08/30/2010

Well, it is Tuesday here in China and I have met with each of my two Consumer Behavior classes. They are the same students from last year's Management and Human Resource Classes.

The schedule for the first 9 weeks is pretty easy, I only teach one class a day, Monday-Thursday, which gives me a nice long weekend. The class sizes are more manageable as well. About a third of the students from each class have gone to Australia to study leaving me with 42 students in one class and 39 in the other. That will make things much easier (I hope) for the both of us. Communication should be easier and hopefully I can get to know them better. They really are a nice group of kids.

For those of you who love to go grocery shopping, you know, getting in your car, lugging the groceries home and so forth. Count your blessings. How would you like to do the same thing by bus-while it is raining? He he, that is my shopping adventure.

I have gotten used to that and can now usually get it done in about an hour. If it is too hot, or raining too hard, I will get a taxi to bring me back home and get dropped off right in front of my building. Try as I might to make a list, I always forget something! So, I just have to make do until the next trip.

T-Shirts in China

I see a lot of students who wear T-shirts with English words on them. Sometimes the words make sense, sometimes they do not. I may try to post a pic or two of the interesting ones I see( if I remember).

Many times, the students have not bothered to read them (so they tell me) or know what they mean, so I will read them and try to figure things out. However, yesterday I saw a female student (thankfully not one of mine) whose T-shirt left no misunderstanding of what the message was. In big letters were the words F OFF. (the whole F word was spelled out.

I just could not let that pass. I looked at her and said, "Your shirt is so nasty". Thinking I was giving her a compliment she said thank you. I said, "No, you don't understand, many people find that word to be very vulgar and offensive". This happened as I was heading back to my apartment after returning from the grocery shopping and she and her friend were heading to the bus stop. She seemed nice enough for the few seconds we encountered one another. Hopefully, she will toss that shirt out.

The Return of the Wandering Kitty

Well, I was able to coax Mei Nv to come back home. After class yesterday I went looking for her and found her by the building where she and her boyfriend were hanging out the day before.

As, I approached, she trotted off a bit, but then laid down in the street and let me come pet her. I picked her up and began to carry her part of the way home, but then decided that I would let her come on her own.

So, I put her down and started to walk back to my apartment. I called her and she began to follow. As we approached, she stopped and laid down again so, I picked her up and carried her to the stoop of my building and put her down there. I began to climb the step and called her to follow me, but she would not come in.

I figured she was hungry ( that no good for nothing tom cat wasn't feeding her), so I went up stairs and got the bag of food. I stood at the top and shook the bag, but she did not come. So, I went down the steps and gave her a whiff of the bag. Yeah buddy, she was hungry! She perked up and followed me inside.

But, she still was reluctant to come up the stairs with the smell of food as her only enticement. So, I poured a little out on the top of each landing and she came and gobbled it up. By the time we got to my floor (4th) she was ready to come right in.

Since then, she has made herself right at home. No more yowling. I would really like to get her wounds healed up but, if she becomes insistent on going outside, I guess I will just have to let her go. I would imagine, kittens may be something the future holds. I don't know what I will do then.

Well, that about wraps up the first two days of this wee. Yeah, I know, not real exciting. Such is life. God Bless, until the next time...

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