Saturday, August 27, 2011

Runaway Cat! 08/27/11

Well, yesterday I went to pick up Mei NV and was thankful she seemed to remember me. After a few moments of letting her out of her cage at the vets, she was rubbing her cheek up against me and purring.

Although, her wound is better, it is still not healed up, and even though it looks bad in the picture, it is much better than it had been I have brought some no-stick gauze bandages back with me and will have my sister send some more so that I can keep her wound covered-especially when it begins to scab over. If we could just get past the scabbing process I believe she will heal the rest of the way.

As I said, she seemed to remember me. So, we put her in the backpack (that is how I get her on the bus) and proceeded to leave. However, I decided to take a taxi home because it was so hot outside.

Along the ride home, I unzipped the bag a bit so she could move around a bit, get more air, and be a little cooler. All was well until we arrived at my building. I had not zipped up the backpack all the way, and when the door opened she jumped out and bolted over to the next building.

As I tried to come near, she ran past my building and under a fence into the field next door. I tried to coax her back through, but she just stayed hidden in the bush. I walked around to the field and was hoping to either be able to get her, or that she would run back through the fence toward the building. She did neither. She ran down the fence line and I lost her in the bushes.

At that point there was nothing I could do, so I decided that I would just come back in a couple of hours and see if she would reappear. At about six p.m. I went out, and sure enough she was on the steps of the next building. So, I called her and began to approach, but she took off down the little road in our apartment complex.

By this time the sun had set, but I had a little flashlight and I followed her to another building. I would call her and she would just not come. So, I went around the wall she was sitting on and tried to come to her that way, but she took off again. This time she headed back toward my apartment building.

For whatever reason she stopped and just laid in the street. So, I stayed on the other side of the street because I did not want her to run back under the fence into the field again. I sat on the curb and called her and talked to her a little. Then she started rolling over to scratch herself on the concrete. As she did, I slowly approached and she finally let me rub her chin. As I did so, I stooped down and picked her up. Ha, ha, I wonder if she was trying to let me know she was unhappy at me leaving her for almost two months.

I wish that was the end of the story (and it is as far as her being a runaway). I get upstairs to the apartment and let her down and she begins to explore, sniffing everything and familiarizing herself with the surroundings. She meowed a bit and seemed to settle in, getting on my bed, jumping onto my lap as I sat at the computer. All seemed to be well until two a.m.

She began to yowl! Mind you this is a cat who had previously done nothing much more than let out faint mew (except for when she had a stomach infection). I would call her and she would come up to the bed purr and rub up against my hand seemingly content. But, as soon as I would drift back off to sleep, she would begin to yowl again. This went off and on until my alarm went off at 7:30 a.m. I really hope this is not a nightly thing.

Until the next time...


  1. She seems like she will make a good conpanion (pengyou) since she is so needy. Hope she does not yowl every night. Ni de xue sheng yao ai ta. Does she eat table scraps or do you buy cat food for her?

  2. Ha ha, maybe. Right now she has jilted me for her male cat friend. When I do have her, I feed her cat food. "}


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